About Spot77

About Spot77

About Spot77

Spot77 is an excellent source for private off market cheap real estate opportunities. Spot77 is primarily vested in FLORIDA wholesale real estate but not limited only to Florida. Here you will find Florida homes priced 50% – 70% of retail market value. If you require a Florida Realtor to assist you in your purchases Spot77 can provide you with a realtor too! Consider Spot77 as your source of low cost real estate investment properties. International buyers as well as buyers simply seeking high equity positions in their real estate purchase are welcome! Income producing properties, apartment buildings and more are available from Spot77

About Spot77

aboutspot77instagramAbout Spot77 Instagram

Spot77 on Instagram serves several very important purposes. Primarily Spot77 Instagram is a place where I post photographs and videos of my travels and daily experiences as I move around the United States each day. The secondary purpose of my Spot77 Instagram account is to share fantastic real estate opportunities as I acquisition properties on a daily basis for myself, my successful international real estate investors as well as for savvy buyers seeking to secure strong equity positions when they buy personal homes, investment homes, vacation homes and income producing properties. Most properties that I acquire tend to be sold at 50%-70% of actual retail values as they may need some basic fixing up and light to moderate renovations. Income producing properties are usually turn key and ready to take over rapidly. If you would like to be first to be notified of such opportunities you should first follow my Spot77 Instagram by CLICKING HERE and secondly join my notification list here: Learn More

aboutspot77twitterAbout Spot77 Twitter

Spot77 Twitter is under the account name Gorillamentor which has been active since July 2009. With over 15,000 active followers and 37,900 Tweet it is safe to say that this Spot77 Twitter account is a very successful venture. About Spot77 Twitter and Tweets: Most tweets are reflections of daily activities, real estate marketing and traveling. It is also important to realize that Spot77 Tweets reflect a high level of professional interaction with some of the most powerful international real estate professionals around the World.


Pay close attention to the interactions here. You may quickly find high value connections if you are wise and understand the power of Twitter today. Connect Here

spot77travelrealestateflippingAbout Spot77 Tumblr

Spot77 Tumblr functions under the name www.CashCrusher.com and also CashCrush-Tumblr and has been a high functioning blog for many years. The nice thing about this site is that everything entered into Instagram or Twitter takes on a whole new life on Tumblr. Why? Well, quite simply all links posted elsewhere become functioning links on this site. Linked to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter this can be a very powerful way to stay connected with our buyers. We share our travels as well as our real estate opportunities on this site. Better connect with us there for sure! The link is as follows: http://www.CashCrusher.com

About Spot77 Aweber

Aweber is and will continue to be one of the most professional way for a business, a website owner, a realtor or any professional newsletter moderator to communicate with followers directly. Spot77 Aweber has been around since 2002 and has served to communicate with other real estate investors, flippers and home buyers seeking the very best in real estate opportunities. Want to grow your portfolio? Seeking great real estate investment opportunities. Hunting for your next property to flip? Well, you need to sign in and be the very first to receive an alert as these opportunities appear on the radar!

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