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Air Force Museum Access 2017
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I recently gained Air Force Museum access during my travels. This is absolutely a travel destination you should put on the top of your list if you love aviation technology, aviation history, stealth aircraft, space exploration and the Air Force. This was one of my favorite stops in 2017.

Air Force Museum access is easily gained. Best of all, it is absolutely free! However, you must follow a few guidelines to gain access to the Air Force Museum without a hitch. Here are my tips to gaining stress free Air Force Museum Access.




Air Force Museum Access

  • sellnastyhousesfastYou will be searched – without exception
  • Leave any knives or sharp objects in your vehicle
  • Do not bring any sprays or mace sprayers
  • Remove as much metal from your pockets as possible
  • If carrying a purse – clean it out first!
  • Be kind and friendly to the security officers

If you are in a wheel chair or otherwise have a need of handicap access there are simple instructions for Air Force Museum access: Handicap Access

Once you gain access to the Air Force Museum, prepare yourself to be completely impressed. The Museum has added a brand new hanger which expands the inventory to hold some very impressive stealth aircraft and Area 51 test aircraft. Tacit Blue “The Flying Whale” being one of my all time favorites.

Tacit Blue, is an aircraft that many UFO conspiracy shows, movies and even the TV show “X-Files” speculated about years ago. During my years with NASA while recovering the Space Shuttle from a landing at Edwards Air Force Base, I actually had the opportunity to see Tacit Blue. It is very easy to see how people might mistake this aircraft for a UFO. Don’t you think? Learn more about Tacit Blue BSAX

Air Force Museum Access Stealth Aircraft

The Air Force Museum access to stealth aircraft and stealth technology platforms is fantastic! One thing I urge you to keep in mind as you are visiting the Museum and as you are looking at this webpage is this: These aircraft although they appear to be “new” to the public are actually decades old. Just imagine the technology the US Air Force has now. Flight technology must be absolutely incredible in 2017!b2bomerimageairforcemuseum2017

While visiting the museum make sure your Air Force Museum access continues though the space section where the missiles and rockets are into the new Hanger 4 Area. This is where all the new stealth aircraft and drone displays will be found. You will be very impressed as you garner an entirely new appreciation of the history of stealth aircraft development.


The YF-22 stealth fighter is on display also. This aircraft is extremely impressive. If you are ever so lucky as to see a YF22 in an airshow you will appreciate what I am saying here. This aircraft can do some truly amazing things. The YF-22 can even hover in flight. It appears to defy gravity while it hangs in the air. Then, without warning… it is gone! Just that fast.


Can a YF22 hover and stop space time?

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As you use your Air Force Museum access really take some time to look closely at the displays. There is an immense amount of education available. Plan on spending the whole day there. Pack a lunch and eat outside in the memorial park then go back in. Maybe consider eating in the cafe’ inside. There is so much to see that if you do not stop to take a break you will be sore at the end of the day because you did not stop to rest.



One of the coolest supersonic aircraft on display was the X-3 Stiletto. This aircraft was so sleek, so long and so narrow it is difficult to imagine even having room in the cockpit to maneuver yourself around to actually be able to fly this. Impressive flying machine!


Air Force Museum Access Tips

My biggest tip is this:  LOOK UP LOOK UP!

There is a marvelous number of aircraft hanging from the ceiling of the hangers. Even a few stealth test aircraft that you might not otherwise notice. Like this one. Do you know what this aircraft is?


You almost can’t even see this hanging from the ceiling if you are not paying close attention. While I was at Edwards AFB Test Range we called this the “Flying Bathtub”.

Enjoy The History The Air Force Museum Access Provides

If you have a heart and a brain you might be deeply moved by some of the aircraft on display. I was particularly moved by the KXY7 Ohka “Cherry Blossom”. This “aircraft” was a flying missile that Japanese men volunteered to fly into Navy ships during World War 2. Can you imagine being a Kamikaze pilot? Horrible times indeed.



The Air Force Museum is massive in size. Along with many Wright Brother era planes on display there are also some magnificent historical aircraft which most of us have seen in old movies. For example: The B17 Fighter Bomber named “Dream Girl”. Here she is below. I love my “Dream Girl” photographs. Do you?



There are German aircraft on display that are a stunning example of how the Germans contributed to the development of USA air superiority. After World War 2 many of the German Scientists were brought to the USA to develop aircraft as well as missile programs for us. In fact, without many of them we would never have had such a robust Space Program. Here is one of my favorite aircraft brought from Germany which is on display at the Air Force

The Messerschmitt ME163B flown by test pilot Gustav E. Lundquist. This jet powered aircraft was actually built with wood. Can you believe it?

apartmentbuildingscheapWell, thanks for allowing me to share my Air Force Museum Access with you today. I hope you enjoyed exploring a few aircraft, stealth projects and my love of aviation with you. You really should visit the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. It is fantastic!

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Below are some links to several of my other travel adventure pages. I am constantly adding more. This takes time so please sign up to my website RSS or come back often to see more. Thanks for visiting

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