Amazing Beaches, Cliffs, Redwoods And Wildlife


Amazing Beaches, Cliffs, Redwoods And Wildlife
By Scott Wright Google

Amazing Beaches, Cliffs, Redwoods And Wildlife – Northern California

We have traveled around the U.S. quite a bit in the last few years but I had never been to California. Scott used to come here with the NASA Space Shuttle Recovery Crew. “Red Crew” but I had never been. I was determined to finally go on this trip in the fall of 2018.  This was a huge round trip.  Over 5000 miles.

We started this journey from our extended stop in Roswell, NM and our first stop was Las Vegas, Nevada. A common pit stop for us since it is so inexpensive to stay there. After catching a few excellent Halloween shows and meeting some friends we then set out from Las Vegas, past Tonopah, Nevada and on to Seattle, Washington.

This was another city and state I have been longing to visit for a long time. We will share our Seattle, Washington trip eventually at THIS FUTURE LINK

Even after being on the road for almost three weeks and totally exhausted, we were still 100% determined to get to see some of California. So we left  Seattle on I-5 South and this was our first California stop, Crescent City, California.

This stop covered several goals for me, I was able to experience some of the Redwood Forest, camp in an Airstream Trailer and see the amazing Pacific Coastline.

Even though we have now been to Portland Maine and Portland Oregon, I believed in my heart there must be something fundamentally different about the East and West Coast and once I arrived in California it was even more evident that my belief was true.

Not sure I can explain it, even though the beaches are still cliff lined and rocky just like in the State of Maine its just a totally different environment. The vibration, the air, the wildlife and the people were amazingly different. I was not at all disappointed. Where else can you experience the amazing beaches, cliffs, redwoods and wildlife that the United States of America has to offer all in one beautiful place? From my experiences thus far, I can say this in all honesty. Nowhere!

Battery Point Lighthouse is located in Crescent City. Crescent City was not any more or less impressive than any other small lazy beach towns I have been to but something about this view just says California to me. Maybe the Spanish architecture or the idea I had of what I would see when I finally crossed the border into California. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the actual city, (which is a bit lacking) I was happy to spend hours at this beach and we actually did. It was probably even more enjoyable for me as it was off season. (FALL) We stayed in the Redwoods for two days in a sweet little AirBnB Airstream Trailer just a few miles off the beach and spent many hours here.

While we were exploring the beach a couple of men in a white van rolled quickly up to the edge of the beach. They pulled out a portable emergency warning system that started blasting out an incredibly loud and alarming siren. This totally caught both of us of guard and there was no way to tell what this meant. Then suddenly a huge rogue wave hit the beach where Scott was walking and with it a massive chunk of floating tree landed directly in front of him. I was way up ahead of him and did not see all of what had happened.

I saw all the seagulls were running away from the rushing wave. They didn’t even have time to take to flight. In that moment Scott was  just in time to rescue a seagull that didn’t escape the heap of floating debris the tide had just pushed in.

The young seagull was trapped under a huge log and Scott found him just in time. He was crushed under the log and very likely to be taking his final breath when Scott lifted the log off of the gull and started rushing him up to higher ground.

Unfortunately,Scott with the seagull in his hands got hit by a second huge wave which twisted his back in the process of rescuing the bird. Still, he managed to wave me over to him to take over the care of the seagull which he had tenderly reshaped from flattened bird into proper bird shape and set on him on the sand in front of me. Scott said “talk to him Angel, do your thing” as he limped away to find a flat spot to stretch his back on.

While Scott was off finding a flat spot to lie down on I sat with our injured seagull. He was breathless and seemed worse for wear. The bird seemed to be favoring his wing a bit. I decided either way, live or die I would just sit with him and talk to him. I tried to give him a good once over and examine his wing but he had some time to rest and was very ornery which I took as a good sign and said so out loud. “You have some fight left in you bird. Please try to live” I said.

To my surprise after another minute or two he just suddenly stood up! He ran down the beach towards the water and some other seagulls and flew up into the sky! I watched him with a ridiculous smile on my face as he circled around above me.

Scott had no idea what had happened so I ran over and pointed at the seagull flying and told him it was the bird he rescued. Scott was sure I was making up a story just to make him feel better but sure enough that seagull came back around.

Scott stood up and leaned against a short warning sign that said something like “WARNING TSUNAMI WAVES HEAD FOR HIGHER GROUND” (no joke) he was obviously in some pain. Incredibly, the young seagull flew over, landed and sat on the sign by us at eye level for at least a minute. He just looked at us for what seamed forever for a bird. NO, I am not making it up! He was still a very young seagull with the characteristic brown feathers of a youngling so he was easy to spot. This was Just one of those incredible experiences the two of us shared in an area with amazing beaches, cliffs, redwoods and wildlife.


Amazing beaches, cliffs, redwoods and wildlife in Crescent, City California including sea lions and seals which were floating all around this area in the photograph above. The seals were wrapped in kelp which was anchored to the sea bottom. So, even though the waves were pretty rough the seals would be held in place. After a wave would pass they could be seen with their snouts in the air catching a breath. Very wonderful to see so much wildlife calmly thriving right in front of us.agate-treasures-crescent-city-beach

Maybe I like the rocky seashore because I am obsessed with rocks. I don’t know why. They are different everywhere I go.  It never ceases to amaze me the different colors and patterns.  I try not to look because once I do I am obsessed.  I have a busy, scattered brain and sitting down and digging in the rocks just grabs my focus. Scott and I spent several hours just picking though the naturally polished agate stones, the sea glass and for myself the black rocks with white quartz lines running though them. Pretty sure I even found one with a tiny little gold nugget inside. Oh, I love this place!

Crescent City is one of the best places I have seen a sunset at so far. Sunsets are different everywhere you go but I was truly mesmerized looking out over the coast of Northern California. Scott says, in his mind at the end of this day he hopes that the seagull flying into the sunset in this photo is the seagull we rescued today. Happy to have yet another day of soaring on the gentle winds above the the amazing beaches, cliffs, redwoods and wildlife below to look forward to. have-you-hugged-a-redwood-tree

Yes, I am a f*@3king tree hugger and proud of it.  Look at me, I look like a little white wood nymph or elf anyway.  I love nature, I love trees and I was truly impressed when we driving through Grant’s Pass on the Redwood HWY.  I had never seen anything like it.  Both Scott and I were truly moved on so many levels.  I know I am not the first nor the last to hug one of these giants but its just a compulsion.  I laid down on the ground just so I could take it all in. It was breathtaking. Both of us were completely in awe over the redwoods. This was actually the very first one we have ever seen and we saw it together. Making this moment even more cherished for us both. You really must experience this for yourself. Get out and explore the amazing beaches, cliffs, redwoods and wildlife while it is still around to be enjoyed. There are very few people around in the fall. It is truly a wonderful time to go out and explore for yourself.   redwood-forest-sasquatch-sighting

Scott swears he has spotted signs of Sasquatch. He is up there on top of a massive fallen redwood tree gazing out over the Redwood Forest. Personally, he is the only Sasquatch I have seen today. Look at that crazy NO SHAVE NOVEMBER beard he is sporting. Yeah, a Sasquatch sighting indeed. LOL

I believe I just captured one of those “Twilight” movie vampires with my camera ~Scott


This was my audition for the next “Twilight” movie. I might be a pretty good match for the part.  Sprite, elf, nymph, vampire. I can pass for any of those. ~Patti


Places we had to pass though to get to the amazing beaches, cliffs, redwoods and wildlife. Pretty impressive sights to see.

The above fantastic example of Victorian architecture is the Carson Mansion. The home of the Ingmar Country Club in Eureka, CA. You have to be super special fancy to walk through the doors of this place but if you are not one of the privileged members there are more photos online.


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