Asshat Advertising

Asshat advertising is what I am naming this blog entry. There is a very strong reason why I would name this segment “Asshat Advertising”. This is something you really need to know if you want to increase your sales, your followers, your website traffic and your online notoriety.

Asshat Advertising

Wiktionary Definition: From the slang expression have one’s head up one’s ass, thus, wearing the ass as a hat. The term is extended to people who are clueless or bumbling, who don’t understand what is going on.

Most people who are trying to reach the general population with anything have absolutely no clue what they are doing. There is nothing really “targeted” about their efforts and when they actually try to access someone to do their marking for them they truly are the sheep being led to slaughter. A huge percentage of advertising efforts made are honestly asshat advertising attempts. May as well burn your damn money because it might actually do the environment some good. More good then it is going to do you that is for sure.

I know this because in all honestly I have been been caught up in asshat adverting scams myself. Hence, the primary reason I am writing this today. I sincerely want to help. Nobody was there for me when I needed help. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!


There are some very successful advertising techniques today but most of them are borderline hacking. Remember the movie “The Matrix” remember how the programmers had designed “back doors” to accomplish impossible tasks? Well, in effect there are developers out there who have designed back door programs that work. Data mining programs can instantly turn asshat advertising into a major success for anyone seeking so dominate social media marketing. This could be you!

I am on a personal mission to help the little guy dominate adverting. Mostly to help people make some money and have some success of their own.

Scott aka: #Spot77

I have two favorite programs that work well with Facebook and other social media sites. Below I am going to share both of these incredible advertising programs. It is completely up to you to take the next step. Continue with worthless, slow and low returns asshat advertising or open your mind to some excellent alternatives. In effect, do you take the RED PILL or do you keep taking the BLUE PILL? The choice is yours!

Anti Asshat Facebook Advertising Secrets

My very favorite advertising programs are exactly that. Anti asshat advertising. They are advertising programs that you actually have to do a little work to reap the huge rewards of success. The Anti Asshat Adverting you do for yourself that will be the most successful is the one you devote time to actually making work. The beauty of this is that you are in control, you are at the helm and you can immediately start seeing success (and even profits) because you yourself are creating the targeted advertising success that YOU want. The key is to NOT become the sheep by doing what some other person thinks you should do. Be the wolf! There is no confusion because YOU YOURSELF demand the success you personally deserve for you results. Go for it. Take charge!

I strongly recommend that you try the following program and dedicate yourself to making your advertising work for you right from the very start.


For the purpose of getting your sales, followers and store success up on Facebook I suggest you have a look at the following program. It gets rave reviews and you won’t look like your doing asshat advertising.

asshat advertising facebook

With this program Get 5000+ Facebook User Clicks – Sales Guaranteed


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Looking forward to bringing you great results, clicks, leads and sales. Your going to love this. Click the banner above for access.

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