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My Best St Louis Stops 2018
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Best St. Louis

Best St Louis Changes 2018

My recent visit to the City of St. Louis was a real eye opening experience. I never expected to find myself falling in love with this City. For over a decade I watched as the City fell forgotten into disrepair and neglect. However, the more time I spent exploring the more incredibly cool things I found. If you are looking to change your life in a new place full of opportunity better take a quick peek at the best St. Louis has to offer.

I had been to St. Louis before. But this time I saw some of the best St. Louis changes I have ever seen in this City. People are actually fixing up homes in long neglected neighborhoods. These homes used to be the pride of American craftsmanship and home ownership. It’s just wonderful to see these changes and a reemergence of pride moving through the streets of St. Louis.

Best St Louis City Gardening

As I drove around the City I started noticing that some of the areas where old condemned houses had been now had some of the best St. Louis City gardening going on. These areas had fantastic community run gardens. People are actually growing their own food. Growing vegetables inside the City is a very progressive concept. Something the citizens can really take pride in.


Bowood Farms, (maps link below) 4605 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63108 is a commercial building that has been repurposed to provide organic gardening supplies to the City.

Not only do they support local gardens but they also have an Organic Restaurant. Osage Cafe is probably one of the best organic food spots I have visited.  The food the cafe serves is strong on organic eats. Delicious, creative and local is what it’s all about. I’m a foodie are you?


Map to Bowood Farms & Osage Cafe – CLICK HERE

Best St Louis Fire Truck

As I was waiting on a table at Osage Cafe one of the best St. Louis fire trucks rolled on by. Sirens blaring, hook and ladder number 5 on her way to a fire. Number 5 sure is a sexy fire truck. See it outside the cafe window? Woo wooo!

St. Louis H&L 5 One Of The Best St. Louis Fire Trucks Of 2018

Best St. Louis City Farming


This is the busy inside of Bowood. Pretty interesting building. Reminds me of an old Air Force hanger. Who knows, it may have housed one of the fighter jets now on display at the Air Force Museum. Another incredible place we recently visited with #Spot77

Best St. Louis Organic Food

The best St. Louis organic food awaits you just inside the Bowood Farms building. Look for the plumb colored wall and you will see the Osage Cafe.


Best St. Louis Opportunities


Driving through St. Louis was like a slap in the face. I’ve been here many times before. However, this time something was actually different. It was like all the times I had said “this nasty place will never change.” came back full force at me. Was I ever wrong!

The City Of St. Louis is rising up from the ashes of negligence. It is truly wonderful to see. Along with change comes some of the best St. Louis opportunities ever seen in the real estate market. Savvy investors who see this change coming are buying up the Old Nasty Houses and restoring them to their original beauty.

I could not resist stopping and taking it all in. I gravitate towards this type of home renovation. This is something I fell in love with back in my childhood days. These old houses were the pride of the  American craftsman. Who wouldn’t want to see them restored? I do!

Guess what? I got myself an Air B And B rental for a few days so I could investigate the area. Each day I toured the rough neighborhoods trying to target a good little golden nugget of a home project. I ended up buying 2 of these homes. Want to get involved?



Best St. Louis City Museum


Absolutely, without a doubt the very best museum in the USA is the St. Louis City Museum. It was fascinating to see what a collaboration of artists, iron workers, preservationists and skilled help can continue to create given the proper genre. This building was once a shoe factory back in it’s prime. When it went derelict someone saw an opportunity and had a dream of creating something mind blowing. They collected building materials, old factory items, miles of old steel rebar, forgotten machinery, unused museum items from dinosaurs exhibits, entomology exhibits, pieces of ships, aircraft and other discarded things from around the City of St. Louis and fused them into a masterpiece of exploration for all ages.
The designers of this museum cut though ceilings, floors and walls to create interconnected tunnels, cave systems, water features and suspended craw spaces that let the visitors to the City Museum explore for hours upon hours. This place is so amazing that parents write their phone numbers on their children’s hands so they can be found if needed. You think this sounds odd? Well, once you are inside you will realize it actually makes sense. This place is a childhood dream come true! Where else can a child craw into the mouth of a whale and end up coming out inside a cave complete with stalagtights, stalagmites, gems and fossils all while inside a building? Nowhere in the world!

Then they can craw right out of the building and wing walk across an actual aircraft suspended on a crane outside, ride slides that drop down entire building floors! Although it might not interest the children there is an eye opening display of some of the best St. Louis architecture which has been rescued from old buildings too.

Best St. Louis Architecture


Best St. Louis Salvage Project

The City Museum is possibly the best St. Louis salvage project ever embarked upon. The salvaged metal from an old building was actually bent, twisted and welded into this amazing spiraling staircase in the photo below. I actually think it is the most beautiful staircase I have ever seen in my life. This staircase just drips with creativity, imagination and skill. You really must go see it for yourself.
City Museum Website – Click Here


Best St. Louis Condos

I am not a big fan of condominiums but if I were I would probably invest in ownership of one of the condos behind the City Museum. Some are new buildings but I think the best St. Louis condos are the lofts which have been created inside the old buildings which have been renovated. Loft living and open space living concepts really appeal to me.


Best St. Louis Coffee Experience


Coffee is one of my very favorite things in life. Has been for about 20 years now. So, when I experience an amazing cafe, coffee or roaster I have to speak up. I will have you know that I spent more on coffee at Sump Coffee in St. Louis then I have ever spent in my life. The owner at Sump Coffee has really created some very special coffee. Sump Coffee is the best St. Louis Coffee for sure. However, I would like to take this a step further to say that the coffee they roast is extraordinary! Probably one of the most flavorful coffees I have tasted in my lifetime.


So if you are in St. Louis searching for a great coffee experience #Spot77 says:

Get the very best St. Louis Coffee at Sump Coffee

Sump Coffee Address: 3700 S Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

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