Blackwater Falls Area


Blackwater Falls Area – West Virginia
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Blackwater Falls Area – West Virginia Highlights

As we traveled though West Virginia I quickly realized the reason why John Denver found it completely necessary to write and sing the song “Country Roads”.

Blackwater Falls Area


Blackwater Falls State Park in the Allegheny Mountians is a stunningly beautiful place to visit. In fact, the entire Blackwater Falls Area is so full of history and fantastic displays of nature that it is an area I would never want to miss seeing if I were to be visiting West Virginia again in the near future.

Country Roads Lyrics – John Denver is definitely the song that best captures the elegant beauty of the Blackwater Falls Area and of  State of West Virginia in my opinion. Here are the lyrics. You decide!

Take me home, country roads
Almost Heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoah River
Life is old there. older than the trees
Younger than the mountains blowing like a breeze
-Country roads, take me home
to the place where I belong,
West Virginia,
Mountain mamma, take me home
Country Roads…
(and the song goes on)

Blackwater Falls Area Viewing Tips

There were a few things that I personally observed while I was visiting Blackwater Falls. At the time, I had recently suffered a knee injury. Although I was able to push past my pain on my travels to the Blackwater Falls State park I did appreciate that they had both a normal hiking trail down to the falls as well as a more mild path down for handicap access to Blackwater Falls viewing areas. This was very helpful at the time of my travel to Blackwater Falls.

Blackwater Falls Area Upper Observation View

Several Viewing Sites: There were several viewing sites in the Blackwater Falls area. It’s always nice to have multiple observation points. Especially nice for photographers and social media photo buffs like myself.


There is a wonderful observation deck high above the trees and waterfall. Just follow the signs to the upper viewing area. There is a short hike to the platform. If you have a fear of heights or vertigo make sure you hold on to the handrails and your best friend. The deck really hangs far out on the cliff edge. However, it does provide a wonderful view of the Blackwater Falls waterfall from high above the gorge. On my travels to this location I luckily went to the upper observation area first. Then traveled down by car to the lower area. This just gave me a fantastic appreciation of the magnitude of the cliffs, mountain and waterfall from all angles.

Blackwater Falls Lower Observation Deck View

Here are a few links to additional photos and videos I shared on Instagram and Cash Crusher:

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ADDRESS: To reach the Blackwater Falls Area simply put the address for the lodge into your iPhone or Google Maps. This will get you near the falls. Once you are inside the State Park simply follow the signs to the upper and lower falls viewing locations.

1584 Blackwater Falls Lodge Rd., Davis, WV 26260

Don’t forget. At the end of the day in the Blackwater Falls Area and over the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia the evening sunsets can be absolutely breath taking! So, stay a while. Don’t rush home, go back to your tent, run to your RV or even head back to the hotel. Relax, make yourself a picnic dinner with candles and some wine with cheese and prepare to take in the sunset of a lifetime! This place is truly a sunset paradise for those of us who really appreciate sunsets. The Blackwater Falls Area sunsets are something I will remember forever. Below is a photo I took with my cell phone of the sunset over the mountain ridges. This photograph is no filtered in anyway. This is just a raw photo of a spectacular sunset using my hand held cellular phone.



Sunset Over Blackwater Falls Area – taken with my cell phone. No filters applied.


There is so much to see in the Blackwater Falls Area, Weston, West Virginia and Near Elkin, West Virginia. One of my personal favorites was visiting the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum which was operated from 1864 until 1994. The tour of the Assylum was fantastic and there were many different levels and types of guided tours available. The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum tours ranged from historic tours all the way to ghost hunting tours. If ghost hunting is something you like you should consider adding this destination to your travel itinerary. Learn More

Speaking Of Cellphones, iPhones, Tablets and Android Phones

People often ask me how it is that I am so young and can afford to travel all the time. I would like to take a moment to explain to you how I can do this. During my travels, like this one to the Blackwater Falls State Park, I am able to do my work while I am enjoying my day. My work is random and 100% done using my Android Cell Phone. So, what do I do? While I am traveling, I acquisition high value real estate for exceptionally low prices. I have been doing this since 2001 full time. It has only been since the introduction of Android Phones and iPhones that I have perfected my business to make it 100% mobile based.

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SPOT77 Travels To Blackwater Falls Area!

While I was traveling to Blackwater Falls I was working a little bit. Looking a properties sent to me on my phone, having my Realtor evaluate the property values and gathering information using the power of Google and the Internet. It might not be rocket science but heck… I worked on the Space Shuttle for NASA and with the USAF for 16 years. So, maybe it takes a little bit of high tech savvy. I like to think I have that in my toolbox at least. Let me know if I can assist you in anyway. The best way to reach me is to sign in below:

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