Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018

Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018

Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018
By Scott Wright Google

Our Gila Cliff Welling Hike 2018 was to say the least, incredible! 100% a must see if you are driving though New Mexico. The Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018 is self guided and completely hands on. Adults of all ages and children alike will enjoy this hike. The Gila Cliff Dwellings offer amazing insight into how people lived thousands of years ago. Continue reading and enjoying our Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018 photos.

Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018

Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018

In January the weather was pretty tame so we decided to make the Gila Cliffs one of our travel destinations. We stayed in Las Cruces, New Mexico which was in itself a very beautiful New Mexico city. We thought we would make this a day trip to get a feel for the journey out to Gila and reward ourselves at the end of the day with a nice shower and bed. January is absolutely not the time most people want to camp in New Mexico. During the day, in the sunshine only the temperatures can be as high as 68 degrees but at night the temperatures nose dive down into the teens. So be very aware of the time and the location of the sun in the sky during the winter months. Once that sun starts going down you want to make for the car at a sprint. Below is a photo of the view from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

mountain view las cruces new mexico

New Mexico is truly a spectacularly beautiful State. I am awe struck as we drive all over the State and we have found ourselves making many unplanned detours to explore the many different sites, rock formations, towns, historic markers and visit the horses, cows and ranches. The intention was to just spend a few days in New Mexico but we kept extending our time there. In fact, our obsession with New Mexico quickly turned into a year. We found ourselves making quick trips home to Florida for a week or two and then racing back. When I say “racing”, I honestly mean we could not wait to return to New Mexico. Our latest journey to the Gila Cliff Dwellings was absolutely wonderful.

Fall Colors, Gila Valley, Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018

gila valley area

The Gila Valley Area is brilliantly colored in the fall. This photo was taken in January 2018. The shades of brown, purple, yellow, orange, green and reds are spectacular. If you take your time and really keep your eyes open you will see many deer, antelope, elk, fox, timber wolves and of course horses and bulls. With the fall colors in the valley the animals can be standing right in front of you and you may not even notice. They really blend in this time of year.

Look Closely, This Gila Area Elk Is Actually Smiling And Hamming It Up!

elk gila area new mexico

gila area

gila care dwelling area

gila rock formations


gila hot springs rock formation

Approaching Gila Cliff Dwellings – Hike 2018

gila cliff dwellings new mexico

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As we continued our journey to the Gila Cliffs

If you look very closely at this next photo you can see the top of the ladder we climbed to get into the Gila Cliff Dwellings. The wooden ladder climb was very effective at giving us a feeling of how every day life was for the Gila Indians who lived in this cliff dwelling. There are alternative entrances. You do not have to climb this ladder. However, if you have a handicap that confines you to a wheel chair it is unlikely you will be able to get up into this area. Be very aware of your footing at all times. This is a real cliff. There is an innate danger of falling at all times.

Gila Cliff Dwelling Hike 2018

If  you are willing to look or know what to look for New Mexico has a lot of hidden gems like the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  So if you want to go on hikes or see some less trodden desert scenery, New Mexico is the place. Cities here are few and far between. There are still several little towns that are hanging on from the days of Billy the Kidd. New Mexico is not a state for the faint of heart explorer. Even sights like the Gila Cliff Dwellings are not set up to be a comfortable trip or to really attract tourism, none the less well worth seeing.  As I said cities are few and far between, the small towns in between the cities are small and rustic. You will drive for miles and miles without seeing a gas station or restaurant. Even rest areas here tend to be a lean to and if you are lucky there will be a port o potty. In many areas cell service is spotty at best but these are truly the things  that make New Mexico worth exploring.   There is something exciting about having to be prepared for anything when you venture out. The trade for finding seldom explored trails and lightly if ever explored places in New Mexico is a bit more reliance and planning but if you have the travel bug like we do than it can be well worth the trade.

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