Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing Capitan Mountain New Mexico

Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing Capitan Mountain New Mexico 2017
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We recently went hiking, camping, mountain climbing on Capitan Mountain New Mexico and it was fantastic!

I wore my Samsung Galaxy Watch to snap some quick photographs while we were hiking the four hour hike up to the summit of the Capitan Mountain. Once we reached the peak we set up our primitive camp site. Shared here are some of the quick snapshots I took of our journey up into the Capitan Mountain Range in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment below.

hiking-camping-mountain-climbing-Capitan-Mountain-New Mexico

Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing Capitan Mountain Range

As is true with all journeys they have a starting point. In this case, the starting point is pretty sweet. Our real estate flipping lives start each day in a most surreal way. We have been traveling our way West this year. So, I have been basically, waking up when I want to wake up. No watch, no clock, no alarm. It has been like this for several years now. Yet, my mind usually wakes me at about 5:30 AM depending on natural conditions such as weather, temperature, time of sunrise and the needs of my dog.
First thing I usually do no matter where I am in the World is check my iPhone for new East Coast real estate postings notifications, text messages and email updates of transactions status. This is very casual while watching a morning cocktail of FOX & Friends, CNN, Rick & Morty, South Park and catching up with the world. Then, I wake my wife and we head out for coffee. Coffee of course being the most important part of a daily breakfast.

While visiting Roswell, New Mexico, we located a great little cafe. A place called Stellar Coffee Co. aka: Stellar Cafe in downtown Roswell, New Mexico. A must if you are seeking a reasonably good espresso or espresso based drink. We feel this is the best place within 50 miles. Not the best in the USA for sure. Which having traveled many States we might have to say is:


We always demand a good non-Starbucks REAL coffee experience. If you feel the same way you should check it out for yourself. If planning hiking camping mountain climbing Capitan Mountain, New Mexico you are definitely going to need the caffeine boost.


I guess we were coming in to the cafe each day at an odd time. Usually around 11:30 AM. Long after the morning rush on Coffee. Eventually we were noticed. In fact, the coffee brewing crew started to take notice of us being there each day and actually memorized our drinks. Several of them approached us and started getting to know us, learned of our constant journeys, travels and explorations in addition to our real estate options acquisitions and sales life. Try explaining that. Well, it was fun for sure!
What was genuinely cool is that Daniel Cederburg, (Instagram Link Below) one of the cafe managers actually took the time to connect with us and show a genuine interest in our lives as well as what we do. In our opinion, that is pretty rare these days. People like this can become friends for life or friends for a moment. Oftentimes, people like us are simply nomadic with our travels, intellect as well as spiritual experiences. So in most cases friendships are short lived. Better to enjoy moments, fun times and make happy memories before moving on.

You should go hiking camping mountain climbing Capitan Mountain, New Mexico

hiking capitan mountain range

Daniel and is wife Megan shared some of their own travel history with us. We were so happy to be learning about the two of them. Their travels and their lives are actually very interesting. Not what you typically find in a young couple.  In fact, they came here from Tel Aviv, Israel and have had some rewarding travels themselves.

However, most interesting to us was their recent hiking camping mountain climbing adventures. So captivating in fact were their stories that we were instantly caught up in the excitement they were expressing. We pretty much caught the exploration fever they obviously were carrying. We were suddenly packing our gear to go hiking camping mountain climbing Capitan Mountain, New Mexico in short order.

Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing Capitan Mountain, New Mexico

Personally, we easily get caught up in any adventure that is outdoors and allows us to see the glory of the Milky Way Galaxy in these days of light pollution. Having worked for NASA and the USAF for 16 years I am always looking for any opportunity to see the stars and night sky these days. So, imagine my absolute thrill when this couple invited us to journey with them on a hiking camping mountain climbing adventure up into the Capitan Mountain Range outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in Lincoln County. Without a doubt we were going to see some stunning night skies.

I love the stars and Capitan Mountain has almost no light pollution.


Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing Capitan Mountain New Mexico

The Capitan Mountain Range lies about 50 miles outside of Roswell, New Mexico to the West. It is an old Apache Mountain which stands between the Old West towns of Tinnie, NM and Lincoln, New Mexico where Billy The Kid roamed. It is a very interesting Mountain and raises many flags of curiosity as it is due South of several historical UFO crash legends which actually happened nearby in Corona, New Mexico and one very well documented in White Sands New Mexico by Astronaut John Glenn,(a fantastic gentleman I actually used to work with) an incredible USAF test pilot and other Astronauts like Gordon Cooper.

Did you know there were actually several crashes and many sightings back in the day? Well, to say the least, to go hiking, camping and mountain climbing in this area does not go without many mountain top philosophical discussions about life in the universe under the stars. It is impossible to avoid.

From The Bottom Up – Hiking Camping Mountain Climbing

We started our trek to the mountain early in the morning (4.45am) when Daniel and Megan picked us up with all our gear and (of course) took us to the cafe for some espresso shots to get us awake and REALLY moving. They had invited a guy who had also wondered into their cafe on his motorcycle travels across the USA named Johnathan. Interestingly enough, none of us really knew each other very well and we had only seen Johnathan getting coffee once. To say the least, we were all taking some chances on each other in a big way. I am thrilled to say the pay off was priceless. We got to know some truly unique and “stand up” people who reside on the planet Earth. An experience that is invaluable these days.

After grabbing the life juice of caffeine rich espresso drinks we headed to the gas station with Johnathan following on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Kind of surreal actually. After a quick fill up we drove the curvy desert canyon roads into the valleys below the mountain range for about 50 miles. Then the pavement gave way to dirt and rock. Soon we were four wheel driving over massive boulders until we came to rest at a small grassy area where we parked the truck. This is where we began unloading and assembling our back packs and gear. Megan in her glorious wisdom produced a box of pre-packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I have never before seen or heard of but proved to be a very necessary source of needed energy. You could feel the excitement building. Even Megan and Daniel’s dogs were piqued and ready to go.

Starting On Our Way Up Capitan Mountain

At last we were on our way. First we had to actually hike down to see something Daniel had been describing as the “spring filled bathtub”. This was only about 10 minutes away. We hiked past an old grave site, which is quite common in New Mexico. I have probably stumbled onto more ancient cemeteries in New Mexico then anywhere else.
Round the bend and dropping down into the valley a little bit we started noticing copious amounts of animal scat everywhere around us. I bent down and picked up several different types of large bird feathers. One seemed to me to be the feather of an escaped Emu. Then, there it was! Daniel’s “spring bathtub” was just an old cast iron bath tub with a pipe constantly running spring water from an underground source into the tub. Now that we all had a little chuckle it was time to start the actual climb up the mountain. It wasn’t long before that “spring filled bathtub” was being remembered as a dream we all wished we had stopped and soaked in.

Hiking Up Mountains Is Tough Duty.  Here are my photos.


The hike up Capitan Mountain in Lincoln National Forest was intense. At no point did it feel “easy” as the air got thinner the further up we went. Not to mention the sun was boiling hot.


Near midway up the mountain there were some beautiful things to see. Like this New Mexico wild cactus and you might also see some little horn sheep also called Barbary Sheep. I took this video in Lincoln National Forest as this free range herd came down the Capitan Mountain side.


Yeah, that is were I’m going! Way up there, over there… just there. Hiking camping mountain climbing Capitan Mountain, New Mexico isn’t easy.



A Capitan Mountain Peak. Beautiful to see but difficult to get to. There are so many cactus and the mesquite bushes have long thorns that are actually poisonous.

I named this rock formation Lion Head.

You should name this Captain Mountain rock formation because I’m out of breath at this point.

I built this massive fire pit using the natural boulders in our camp site and lots of help from Patti and Megan. At night the temperature drops from nearly 100 degrees to only 39 degrees. Add the 40 mile per hour winds to that and it is REALLY cold.

Would you choose the yellow tent or the blue tent? Matrix camping question. I picked the blue tent.

In New Mexico it is critically important that you build a very tall firepit. This giant firepit must prevent unpredictably high winds from starting any fires outside of the campfire. Not only did we build a huge windbreaker but we also cleared all leaves, twigs and pine needles from our camping area. Fire safety is key to being able to enjoy hiking camping mountain climbing Capitan Mountain, New Mexico



The smart hiker brought his own coffee maker. It was awesome!

Will the real Chili Pup please sit up?

These frozen hunting dogs actually found our campsite and decided to stick around. The girls, feeling sorry for them donated their jackets. Later they learned the lesson: You never, never ever EVER mess with a hunters dogs. These dogs were on a trail training weekend mission. Although they adopted our campsite the owner was thrilled to get them back. Because of this fact and my honesty I got to meet a world famous hunting expert who has guided around the world for many famous people. This is Tom White and Don Milton whom I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to meet in person after our Capitan Mountain Hike.

Bathroom with a beautiful view anybody? The outdoor poo was fantastic.  Just saying… TMI?

The beautiful things you see hiking camping mountain climbing Capitan Mountain, New Mexico. The views and the blonde sexy hikers.

Heading down the mountain through the Lincoln National Forest to head home.

Finally found a dirt road. After a bunch of cactus thorns to the ankles this was a blessing. Great trip for sure. Would go again tomorrow. If you go BE SAFE! Remember, there are wild bear, wild cats, rattlesnakes, coyote, poisonous plants and more.

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