Seattle Area Abstract


Seattle Area Abstract
By Scott Wright Google Author

Seattle Area Abstract


My recent trip to Seattle was my very first journey to Washington State. In hindsight, I must say I put this trip off for far too long. I’m titling this blog entry “Seattle Area Abstract” because the Seattle area was to me like an oil paint artst’s brilliant abstract painting. The State of Washington is full of vibrant color, thriving nature, rain forests and truly stunning beauty everywhere you look.

The Seattle area really changed my perception of so many different things that we as society face in our daily lives. This trip effectively revitalized my inner spirit and that was a completely unexpected gift from the universe.  A gift I never would have been able to embrace if I had not pushed myself to get in the car and go!

I hope I can open your mind to my personal “Seattle Area Abstract” as I experianced it. By sharing my photographs and attempting to write this blog entry for you I hope you find yourself encouraged to travel. Don’t put it off. Do it for YOU!Seattlecityrainbow

As I drove into the City of Seattle the highway quickly brought us in from what can only be perceived as high above the city. The ever winding roads twisted down through endless green forests constantly being blanketed in never ending rain. The rain which honestly seemed continuous briefly broke just as we started to see the City below.  This created a very faint rainbow that pointed straight down into the city’s center. A very stunning welcoming to say the least. Instantly, I found myself craving a handful of Skittles to go with my personal rainbow.

Little did I know that soon after snapping this photograph of a Seattle ferryboat I would actually be driving on to one. The water, cargo ships and maritime commerce were impressive. Possibly just a faded reflection of what United States import and export once was. Now toned down and tame comparatively speaking. Possibly a hint pointing towards a cause of the shocking amount of homeless people camping in every nook and cranny. Things coming in outweighing the things going out.

You just can not visit Seattle and neglect to explore Pikes Place Market. I literally ate my way through the streets. The food is so fresh that I quickly realized just how poor the quality of food has become in my hometown market. While walking I sampled fresh locally harvested salmon peroshkis, hand made cheeses being crafted right in front of me, local craft beers and exceptional coffee.

If you locate the fish market, enjoy the show the workers put on. They are exceptional. Tossing big fish back and forth between themselves, singing, chanting and even handing you a giant octopus to hold up for passersby are some of the many fun things you can expect. However, while you are standing right there you need to realize that you are actually standing above a hidden treasure!

Look around you. If you are facing the fish guys, directly behind you are some almost hidden stairs leading down to a cobblestone road and small tunnel. This is home to the AMAZING Ghost Alley Cafe.


I personally can not resist a good coffee experience. However, I actually found myself addicted to a London Fog the cafe girls are experts at creating.

Seattle Area Abstract Example

Okay, so here is an obscure example of how my mind developed the Seattle Area Abstract idea. Like I said, Seattle is like an oil painting for me. So many hidden elements and media. To digress, just beyond the Ghost Alley Cafe inside of the same cobblestone and brick “tunnel” you will also find one of the most famous walls in the world. When I say “In the world” I am not joking or even embellishing. People can be seen night and day flocking to this wall from every corner of the globe to photograph this wall. It is called the “Gum Wall”. The Seattle gum wall to me is utterly disgusting. However, others find this wall to be their personal “travel goal”. Have a look for yourself. Leave a comment about how this GUM WALL makes you feel…



Isn’t is interesting what human beings find interesting?


Seattle Area Abstract Boats

One of our first and favorite places that we visited in Seattle were the Ballard Locks.  It is a main thoroughfare for fisherman, boating enthusiasts and live aboard boat traffic.  Its neat to see what goes into transferring all the different types of boats from one body of water to the next.  Also a very active wild life area, since the Lock is surrounded by park and botanical garden. Just a very peaceful place to walk.  It was great to see the seals hanging around trying to catch the fish and all the different types of boats that pass through.

Really loved the yellow canal boat in this photo.  While we were in Seattle we spent several days looking at boats in different marinas.  We have hopes of buying a vessel to live on and this one just really caught our eye.  Real estate in Seattle is expensive  so live aboard vessels have become very popular for people who live and work in the area but can not afford a traditional dwelling.  Also, we are big fans of small space living and there is just something attractive about a floating home.

It was just so awesome to see the seals hanging around the locks and marinas.  I know it is just normal for the people who live in Seattle but for us is was a first.  We have been up and down the east coast and on many beaches but Seattle was the first place I personally have seen seals up close in a non zoo habitat. Also, the wild life I encountered on the West coast really opened my eyes to the lack of it I encountered on the East coast.  We have been on the Appalachia trail, in Acadia National Park and swimming in the keys and the lack of wild life was disheartening and alarming to say the least.  Not sure what is going on so differently on the West Coast but there was an abundance of activity everywhere we went. 


This was an impressive waterfall not too far north of Seattle.  The pictures do not do it justice. It is a must see if you visit.  Another great place for water falls is upstate New York in the town of Ithica.  Ithica has several waterfalls. The entire town is built around them.  There is even on that Cornell University is built over.  However, as impressed as I was with the ones there, Snoqualmie falls was equally if not more impressive. 

My video of the Snoqualmie Falls on Instagram – View Here

Even though we had already been to the Ballard Locks, we didn’t realize that on the other side there were beautiful botanical gardens.  Luckily we drove in and parked on the other side and figured it out.  That is also how we found the Red Mill Totem House.  Great burger and sandwich place.

Despite the Red Mill Totem House being noticeable for its great architecture.  The food here was actually really good and inexpensive compared to a lot of places you find to eat around the city.  Great quality burgers and sandwiches.  I love french fries and they had some good ones. Also not far form the Locks and Botanical Gardens. 

Amazon Headquarters Buildings – Seattle Washington

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