Shasta Astrodome Camper

This 1963 Shasta Astrodome Camper we spotted sitting in a dusty New Mexico farmer’s field opened our eyes to vintage camper restorations, “glamping” and the incredible people who collect antique camper trailers. However, when we put our real estate investing experience to work we also discovered a way to buy vintage campers, restore them and make collecting these old trailers not only fun but also profitable. Without even reselling them!

Shasta Astrodome Camper Love!

There it sat, neglected and forgotten for so many years. Faded paint and sun baked tires were the very first signs of the impending doom this little Shasta Astrodome Camper was facing. We had taken a few back roads through New Mexico to join up with a gentleman who wanted to purchase our old Jeep. As fate would have it we spotted this camper trailer treasure just a mile from our destination.

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1963 Shasta Astrodome Discovered!

It seems a little surreal as I look back at the memory of this vintage trailer on a farm. One of the most amazing realizations I have as I reflect is that the moment I touched this Shasta Astrodome Camper trailer I literally began working on it. Even before it was even mine!

I am laughing at myself even now as I am thinking about the very moment I first touched the camper. I removed my hat and cleaned the dust of if the passenger side front window. Removing years of dust and dirt so I could peer inside through the glass. That is how it started. At that moment I had stepped right into vintage trailer restoration. Looking back at that moment it almost feels like this vintage camper had a mysterious spiritual power over me. A power that creates a desire to make her beautiful again.

Vintage Shasta Astrodome Camper Interior Issues

Shasta Astrodome Interior Bunk

Even though this particular Shasta Astrodome Camper looked incredibly preserved there were some not so obvious issues with the interior. Sadly, as us often typical for these trailers there were roof vent leaks. These leaks are common but they cause the wood paneling on the ceiling to stain and ripple. In this Shasta Astrodome Camper the damage wasn’t horrible enough to replace all the paneling. Just the panels around the back window and bathroom.

Vintage Shasta Astrodome Interior

The white paint on the walls was also hiding some damage. So replacing some wood panels and repainting was necessary.

Additionally, the camper just smelled old. All the wood was extremely “aromatic” and dusty. Hence, our decision to paint the cabinets white and walls a deep midnight blue. Adding a little “glam” to our “glamping” camper.

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Scott aka: Spot77
1963 Shasta Astrodome Trailer Refrigerator

Shasta Astrodome Trailer Interior Photographs

Shasta Astrodome Kitchen

Handy Woodworking Tips For Restorations

The Shasta Astrodome Camper is yet another rung on the real estate ladder that I’ve been climbing since 2001. I flip real estate contracts, buy income producing properties and now I am investing in the tiny house trend. The Shasta Astrodome Camper once finished will fetch between $50-$100 per night as an Airb&b rental. I estimate that after the first 50 nights this trailer will be fully cash flowing at at 100% rate of return.


Painting This 1963 Shasta Astrodome Camper

Stripping, prepping and painting this Vintage Shasta Astrodome Camper was actually a pleasure. The more we painted and cleaned her up the more excited we became. As the years of neglect since 1963 melted away she became glamorous and sexy again. This vintage Shasta Camper is very sexy indeed. People are stopping in their tracks, pulling over and asking to have a closer look. Several folks have actually asked to purchase it. Amazing energy surrounds this “glamper”

Restoring Shasta Astrodome Camper
Vintage Shasta Astrodome Camper Battery Systems
Shasta Astrodome Camper Chrome

Want To Sell An Old Camper To Us? It doesn’t have to be a Shasta Astrodome Camper!

Scott #Spot77

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We love our Shasta Astrodome Camper for so many reasons. However, we REALLY love that we learned how this venture tought us yet another method of making money.

Like An Angel The Wings Brought Wisdom

After A Quick Paint Job

Vintage Shasta Astrodome Camper Sunset

We are currently seeking more tiny house investments like this Shasta Astrodome Camper. It costs very little to restore these yourself and the time invested pays for itself almost instantly. Partnering up with AirB&B it is pretty simple to turn this little gem into a consistent money generating tiny house investment that is not only fun for us but provides so much enjoyment for the people who stay and visit.

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