Access Cash Flow Portfolios

Access Cash Flow Portfolios
By Scott Wright Google

How to access cash flow portfolios for your real estate investing and where to find the best cash flow opportunities.


Access Cash Flow Portfolios

Just about every week we are able to secure excellent cash flow portfolios and properties with excellent rates of return. In fact, some of these real estate opportunities would knock your socks off they are so good. I pride myself on securing excellent investment opportunities and often I am willing give advanced investors access to cash flow portfolios. If you are seeking to access cash flow portfolios please contact me or connect with me immediately. There are many rock solid options available at any given time that would most likely suit your investment goals.

You Can Access Cash Flow Portfolios Instantly! 

I work with many advanced investors, foreign investors and intermediate investors who are quite savvy. Hedge fund managers seeking income producing properties, turn key cash flow portfolios and real estate investments are always welcome. Real estate investors seeking renovation grade real estate to fix and flip such as homes are also welcome. All properties are secured by active options or outright ownership. You can count on direct access to investment real estate without any hassles. Fully verifiable disclosures  are provided instantly to make your decisions simple.


Examples Of Verifiable Information Provided

  • Property Addresses
  • Property Tax Rates
  • Square Footage
  • Current Rent Rates
  • Leases Provided When Available (after escrow)
  • Monthly Expenses & Proforma
  • Photographs
  • Comparable Sales – Recent And Close In
  • Repair List & Upcoming Renovations
  • Estimated Neighborhood Rental Rates
  • Rental Estoppel Before Closing

A Few Dirty Words & Practices I Don’t Like:

*Rate Of Return aka: ROR or ROI may or may not be suggested. It is my strongest opinion that it is more important to disclose all income and expenses and allow the buyer to calculate and verify the rate of return for themselves. After all, it is only by your own due diligence that you can determine if what I have is what you need to fulfill your own investment goals. So, I will provide the numbers and you do the math. It is safest this way for you and I both.

*Renovation Costs: Renovation costs are highly subjective. I have difficulty taking any seller seriously when they provide me with a renovation estimate. How can anyone possibly guess at how I want to renovate a property? They don’t know my renovation standards. They don’t know if I use a General Contractor, a builder, a handyman or interior decorator. Heck, I might even use an architect to redesign the entire project into an ultra modern dream home. In other words, I don’t presume to know how much your renovation is going to cost you. I can only point out any defects that I know about. This is something you can count on from me.

*ARV – “Actual Retail Value”  ARV – “After Repair Value” – Yeah, whatever! This is another wholesaler/flipper fluff ball of joy. It is like a fishing lure to attract lazy buyers. So how about this…. (?) I will provide you with comparable sales that are provided by a local real estate broker or realtor. Then you can confirm those numbers match with your own numbers.


This is the ONLY professional way to real estate invest. Determine EXACTLY what similar properties in the exact same area have been RECENTLY sold for. Then you know what the property you are considering purchasing is ACTUALLY worth today and after your renovate it if needed.

Transparency Will Set you Free ~Scott

I am excited about the prospect of working with rock solid real estate buyers. If this is you, get in touch with me right away. There is absolutely no reason to delay. Communication will get us both across that finish line quickly.

If you seek to access cash flow portfolios you need only be completely transparent with me.

Our conversation should quickly cover the most important aspects of achieving our mutual goal of closing on the property under review. Before I share my opportunities with you I will ask you to communicate with me openly. Be prepared to answer the following questions with honesty and transparency. All properties are closed using a real estate attorney to insure the safety of all transactions for all parties involved.

How To Access Cash Flow Portfolios

  • Please provide your identity
  • Entity name you are intending to close in (ex: LLC, INC,TRUST)
  • Outline of funding process you intend to use – (We prefer cash or hard money)
  • Provide all approval letters and proof of funding from lenders
  • Most effective way to reach you quickly

These are just a few examples of how I can best assist you and give you access to cash flow properties quickly. It should not have to be stated but I do not enjoy working with third party “buyers”. In other words, individuals pretending to be buyers so that they can pass properties on to an actual buyer for a fee. I feel this is a very dishonest practice in real estate when it is hidden and not openly disclosed. If this is something you would be attempting to do as an intermediary of some type I suggest you make this very clear to me right up front. Don’t worry, I will not refuse to work with you. However, the way we structure our transaction will be completely different due to the transparency. Very simply, we will set this process up to be safe, honest and successful for your “end buyer” and for you. Honesty goes a very long way in this business.

Hopefully, if you are reading this you are an actual real estate portfolio buyer. Real estate investing is so much easier when the playing field is clearly defined by all involved. I am certain you would agree.
Here Is What I Commonly Have & Often Purchase For Myself:

  • Grossly Undervalued Homes
  • Duplex Rental Units
  • Quadraplex Rental Units
  • 8 Plex Rental Units
  • Small Apartment Complexes
  • REO Properties Of All Types
  • Distressed Real Estate For Flipping
  • Lots and Land For Developing

I suggest we begin communicating immediately to secure the best access to cash flow portfolios, cash flow real estate and any other type of real estate you are seeking to invest in. Understood, it is not easy to locate investor grade real estate. Quite often I hear the phrase “how do you find these?” and “where did you find this?” and even “This is an amazing property.” All of this is like ear candy to me. Truly, I enjoy hearing happy real estate investors expressing their glee over finding exactly what they have been seeking.

Access Cash Flow Portfolios Now

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