Tiny House Vintage Trailer Investing 2019

Tiny House Vintage Trailer Investing

By Scott Wright Google

With a new year comes new real estate investing goals. 2019 is certainly going to be an exciting year. Each passing year brings fantastic new opportunities and best of all broader insights. 2018 was no different. We expanded into some brazen new territories as we traveled West across the USA. Each and every stop we made was an opportunity to meet new people, see new real estate options and share eye opening experiences. Our eyes are completely open to Tiny house vintage trailer investing options. Let me explain why.

Tiny House Vintage Trailer Investing

Pictured above is an original 1955 M System Javelin trailer. If you asked me to purchase one of these from you back in 2001 when I started my full time real estate investing venture I would have probably laughed at you. I look at the exterior vent windows and chuckle even now.

Tiny House Vintage Trailer Investing? Once upon a time I would have laughed and said “no way!”

However, with the younger generation focus being on minimalism, urban gardening and the tiny house movement isn’t it time to pay attention? Of course it is! This vintage trailer is most likely going to make an excellent #tinyhouse investment. Sitting on a Mountain side with deer lounging in the front yard. Perhaps a perfect #airbnb property. #realestate #spot77 http://Spot77.com


The crazy round windows and oblong vent windows on this trailer really crack me up. They are a very blatant reminder that people of the 1950’s saw this as a very minimalist way to live. Combined with mobility, life in a 1955 M System Trailer or Dixie Liner was futuristic.

The 1050’s Futuristic Minimalist Has Returned!

Nowadays, the modern mobile home is nearly impossible to move. There is really nothing mobile about the modern day mobile home. Even though this is true my 2019 real estate investing is definitely not going to write off the modern day mobile home. As long as it is sitting on a lot or on land that is actually owned it is worth looking into. The last thing you want is to own anything where you have to pay lot fees, park fees and have rules that can be changed. Consider the nightmare you would face if suddenly the park rules changed to: You can not rent your unit out. OMG!!!!

Above is a bit of original M System Dixie Liner Trailer advertising. Just a shiny little example of the hype that was playing out in the 1950’s that is absolutely returning to modern day. People are going crazy again about tiny house life, Air Stream Trailers, tear drop campers and all sorts of tiny house concepts are on the rise. It is an exciting time to get involved.  

tiny house power alternatives


When I look at small trailers, mobile homes and tiny houses I consider a few things. Here are a few things on my list which add potential to a tiny house property or tiny house vintage trailer investing options

SPOT77 Tiny House Check List

  • Price vs Rental Returns
  • Is it in a beautiful location
  • Near to a college
  • National Park Nearby
  • Close to a historic land mark
  • Near a privately owned cafe
  • Craft beer brewery nearby
  • Art museum or crafty area
  • When will it pay for itself and become pure profit
  • Lot or land must be owned


tiny house vintage trailer investing power

I took a photo of this Seattle, Washington Ferry Boat that was touted during the Worlds Fair. It is a prime example of how futuristic people’s mindset was at the time. We seem to be returning to this trend again in 2019.

Embrace The 2019 Rise Of The Minimalist

I see so many young people exploring tiny house vintage trailer investing options. The thing is that a majority of young people are not actually looking to purchase things and own things. I would venture to say ownership is not a priority for this generation. Instead, they want to be free to move around, not be tied down by “stuff” and be less materialistic. So if I give them the ability to live in a tiny house or small trailer in a truly beautiful location rent is not an issue.

Even less so if I decide to AirB&B the property. People absolutely LOVE staying in a tiny house for a night, a few nights or even a week. It gives them perspective and ideas of their own. A chance to reflect upon their lives and focus on what is truly important in life.

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