Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep

Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep
By Scott Wright Google

An Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep is something I never imagined I would own someday. In fact, I actually thought I was done with New Mexico when I left in 1992. When I left, I believe I actually vowed never to look back or return. It was a complete culmination of consecutively well timed tragic events that ultimately turned my travels in the direction of New Mexico.

When the tires of the car crossed the Texas/New Mexico State line I was pretty much in shock. Only intending to stay a few hours to tour the Carlsbad Caverns my mind made a quick exception to my own vow never to return. A year and a half later I feel strongly driven to kneel down and praise the powers of the universe that pushed me to this truly enchanting land of New Mexico. I promise, I am almost done exploring here…. I think!

Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep

There was never any intention to have an extended visit to New Mexico. Never ever! But, as fate would have it, I got sucked into this place starting with Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The few hours dedicated to exploring this cave system turned into over half a day. The caverns are absolutely spectacular to witness in person. STRONG SUGGESTION: If you find yourself visiting Carlsbad Caverns make sure you ask the park service members if the elevator at the bottom of the caverns is working. WARNING: If the elevator IS NOT working seriously consider only going a very limited distance down into these caverns! For myself, luckily the elevators were working the day I visited and I had a fantastic time exploring the caverns.

After leaving the caverns, it was decided that we would grab some lunch. It was actually Patti’s suggestion that we visit Roswell, New Mexico. I remember protesting this idea very strongly. The thing about Patti is that she is exceedingly persuasive.
She offered to drive the car so I could take a rest from driving and implanted the idea in my mind that we could find some good Mexican food as a reward. She also suggested I might entertain myself by looking up one of my old military buddies while she drove. As fate would have it, I actually found my friend living in Roswell and we ended up staying for weeks instead of hours.
As we learned our way around town we quickly realized we were going to need a different, more sturdy and seriously rugged type of vehicle. I have reached the conclusion that the roads in New Mexico are intentionally designed to destroy the average car. Having put over 180,000 miles on my Volvo V70 I am not easily convinced that this car could ever be faced with any road issues ever. However, within weeks I had destroyed two front aluminum alloy wheels. Within months I ruined the front ball joints and control arms and within a year my front struts and back shock absorbers were rendered worthless. This is where the need for an ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep smacked me in the face. Buying an ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep would actually save me a fortune while also allowing me to explore New Mexico in a way I never imagined being possible.

Bringing Home My Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep

See The Badly Covered Rust On This Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep?

I enlisted the assistance of Patti in locating a cheep yet mechanically sound Jeep. I really didn’t care if it was an ugly Jeep. We just needed an offroad 4×4 that could take the severe pounding that the New Mexico roads inflicted upon it. We located a Jeep that sounded like a good match in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Did you know there is such a place as Las Vegas, New Mexico? It exists and in fact the journey to pick up this Jeep was a fantastic adventure in itself.
The path to Las Vegas, New Mexico took us though some of the most beautiful Apache Indian lands I have ever seen. The Sante Fe Mountain range can be seen for many miles and the road follows the Pecos River as it winds it’s way thought the beautiful red, brown and yellow canyons. It was simply impossible not to stop and take photos and deep breaths of fresh air as we drove though these lands.

I Quickly Started Grinding The Bad Body Work Off The Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep

When we arrived at the Jeep we quickly learned that the photos the seller took were CLOSE to what we were looking at. However, there was a great deal of body rust. The seller indicated that the Jeep had come from Denver Colorado where the winter road salt had obviously had an effect on the body. When I looked under the Jeep it was nearly impossible to even see the transmission because this ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep was covered with a thick layer of New Mexico river mud. This mud is the consistency of adobe concrete. It does not really wash off either. It has to be chipped and scraped at while simultaneously wetting it to break it free. Of course, when I asked the seller how he managed to get his ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep so muddy he had a wonderful explanation. He proudly told me that he only used this Jeep on his own land and to drive down the dirt road INTO the river where he consistently fly fished out of the back of the Jeep. I mean, how could I fault the guy for doing almost exactly what I would do with this ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep? I couldn’t! All I could do is buy it for less. Which, is exactly what I did.

The seller promised the engine was completely sound and very well cared for. He urged us to take it for a ride on the highway and flaunted the nice new off road tires. As we drove faster and faster is was obvious he was telling the truth. This Jeep was probably one of the smoothest running Jeeps I have ever driven. The alignment was perfect, steering perfect, brakes in excellent shape and engine purred like a well fed cat.

We gassed the ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep we just bought and headed out across New Mexico back home which was 3 hours away on the coldest day of the year. Believe me, with no top at 39 degrees at 70 miles per hour this was a very chilling drive. My bulldog was sitting in the front seat and his drool was freezing into icicles. We were having a wonderful time to say the least!

The Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep got us home safely without any issues. It easily maintained 75 miles per hour the entire 3 hour drive back to town. When I finally let off the gas peddle at our exit the transmission belched a big cloud of grey smoke through it’s concrete covered pressure valve. It was the only sign of discontent the ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep showed over the long drive. Something that has never happened again.

Upon waking up the very next day I started right in on removing all the badly covered up body damage. I must say, if you own a Jeep and you are concerned about fixing any part of it forget that! Jeeps are so easy to work on. Do whatever you want to it. That is the true purpose of an ugly Jeep. Cut it, hit it with hammers, drill holes in it, build your own body parts out of whatever you have on hand and you are right back in business. The repairs I made reflected back to my course in “Aircraft Battle Damage Repairs”. I had so much fun and it hardly cost anything at all. My motto in life and business was adopted from NIKE SHOES “Just Do It”.

Yes, I had to replace the body bushings on my ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep. Look at them. They were completely trashed!



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My Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep Up On Last Chance Canyon Near Carlsbad, New Mexico

Last Chance Canyon is an ancient Aztec Indian gathering place. Taking our ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep to the top of the canyons was a real challenge. There is absolutely no way that our Volvo would ever have made the trip.

When we finally arrived on the cliff tops the winds started blowing in gusts up to 30-40 miles per hour. Luckily I had brought a camouflage tarp and some rope. I had to use it to seal up the Jeep and act as a wind breaker for our tent.

Two of our traveling companions both had major issues with their tents. One tent completely collapsed in the wind and our friend had to sleep in it flat all night. Our other friend ended up abandoning all hope of using a tent and slept directly on the ground zipped inside a heavy sleeping bag. The winds were dramatically over the top!

She is pointing down into Last Chance Canyon from the top. Showing you where we are going in the morning to do some climbing, hiking and exploring. We brought rope, climbing shoes and everything we should need to have a good day if only we could get some sleep in the high winds.

Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico – LOOKING UP to where we camped last night


Sitting Bull Falls – Is located on the other side of the cliffs of Last Chance Canyon near Carlsbad, New Mexico

Bitter Lakes Wildlife Refuge – With Our Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep

Exploring some New Mexico BLM Public Land – It is awesome out here!


The Bottomless Lakes – Just outside of Roswell, New Mexico

Batcave Ridge – Off the Old Portales, New Mexico Highway

Wine, Cheese and Friend Chicken Sunset – Out With The Ugly New Mexico 4×4 Jeep looking towards Capitan Mountain Range where we recently hiked to the summit and set up a camp ground. New Mexico sunsets are one of our favorite and most enchanting things about New Mexico. The colors are stunning and uniquely different each evening.



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