Vintage Car Spotting

Vintage Car Spotting
By Scott Wright Google

As we travel the country seeking new real estate investment properties we experience some incredible vintage car spotting. Here are some of the exciting vintage cars and vintage trucks we have seen along our journey. We know where each one of these is sitting and most of the owners if you decide you have to have one of these just let me know.


Vintage Car Spotting Across America

Despite never even sitting in one, there is something about cars of this era that I am drawn to.  As a person who loves cars and loves speed, my love for this type of car is something different.  The epitome of style and class.  These were not even the Rolls Royce or Bentley of the day but still just say look at me. The infants of the automobile era in my opinion can somehow rival in style the luxury car of today.
Case and point, I was lucky enough to ride in this Bentley Arnage which belongs to a good friend in Orlando. Even though the cockpit screams luxury and of course the attention it gets because the Bentley logo is so recognizable but the exterior just doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe it needs a good set of white walls. No offense Steve.

Vintage Car Spotting Is Fun For Me

This awesome treasure is just sitting in a junkyard full of awesomeness on the outskirts of Roswell, NM.  I love junkyards!  If you are ever looking for cool project cars, New Mexico is the place.  Acres and acres of this kind of coolness just waiting to be rescued.

Classic Automobile Spotting Inevitably

I thought New Mexico was full of forgotten treasures. To my surprise Seattle, Washington has no shortage of vintage vehicles.  Washington is a place to find mint condition vintage cars that are still treasured daily drivers.

Vintage Car Spotting And Vintage Trucks

Vintage Tow Truck – Shamrock, Texas Route 66

This boosted bug was sitting outside of Fuzzy’s tacos in Longwood, Fl.  I could use this when I am in Roswell, the roads are terrible and lots of desert dunes to test this out on.


Vintage Truck Spotting

With a little bigger tires, I might drive it in Florida, then I could drive over the traffic instead of having to sit in it all day.
Classic 1940s Trucks
Another New Mexico junkyard treasure just waiting to have life breathed into it again.
1940 International Truck Spotted
People were hardcore in the 40’s.  We essentially drive around with all the converts of home now in a big plastic box surrounded with air bags like we are gonna jettison out of the space shuttle.  Not to knock the safety of the now but there is something to be said for the heavy metal of old. This external gas tank is essentially a barrel of gasoline strapped to the exterior with what are essentially metal zip ties.
1940s International Truck Features

1940 International Truck Engine and Split Hood

1980s Classic Volkswagen Pickup Spotted

Another vintage Seattle find. People in Seattle love there old Volkswagens.  However this was a surprise find.  We saw literally hundreds of VW buses and Vanagons but this is the Volkswagen Rabbit pickup truck was a first for me.
More New Mexico junk yard treasure.  The headlights look like sad puppy eyes.  I couldn’t even guess how many generations these old trucks have been sitting here or how many more they will.


Vintage Automobile Spotting Parts

Sexy Old Pontiac Swag!


Chrysler New Yorker – So Very Sexy!

This old New Yorker was something to see.  Just random. Sitting in an empty lot next to a coffee shop/ farmers market in Washington. Probably exactly the same as the day it left the car lot

More New Mexico junkyard treasure.  I just want to play in this old firetruck.  Another old vehicle that just looks so sad.  Don’t cry Mr. Firetruck we like you and would take you home if we could.  Yes, I anthropomorphize everything, I can’t help it. Leave me alone!

There is something post apocalyptic about the junkyard.  Probably all the movies.  Even though this is just someones idea of organization it looks kind of Mad Max. Maybe that is what they had in mind with GMC pickup down below.  

Something great about an old BMW.  I just want to drive this.  It looks like it would be fun to drive.  Some classic cars to me just represent more of the brand in my mind than the newer versions. Can’t explain it, this just seems more BMW to me.  Sort of like when you see an Jaguar XJS, it just is a classic and representative version of what a Jaguar is to me.

There is something to be said for the Land Rover Defender. Another vehicle that I found to be very popular around Seattle. I can not help but love them. I am just a utilitarian type of girl.  None of that one pair of shoes and purse per outfit poo poo.  I want a purse and a pair of shoes that go with a lot of outfits.   To me this is the go anywhere, do anything and look good while doing it vehicle.


We hope you enjoyed our little page about Classic Car Spotting, Vintage Car Spotting and Vintage Truck Spotting. We will continue to add photos as we travel. If you see one you seriously need to have, just let us know. We could possibly source and set up delivery on it for you.

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